Saturday, July 23, 2011

One more week til California

Ugh, Packing...

I have about a week left on the east coast, then it's back to my hometown... So. Cal! I absolutely love California, always have, always will. I'm happy to be moving back, happy to be closer to my family, my friends, my absolutely lovable and adorable twin nieces, who just turned 1.

I start a new (old) job on August 8th. I'll be working for Live Nation/Ticketmaster once again (the company I worked for, before I left California). I'm looking forward to it, but still kind of nervous. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I've grown accustomed to life in VA and feel like I'm starting all over. Well, a part of me feels like I'm starting over, and a part of me feels like I'm stepping back into an old life.

Today, I went to improv practice, and as I sat there, I started to feel kind of sad. Since I started "playing" with the Imps of Improv, I've enjoyed life in VA so much more. I've only known the group about 7 months, but they feel like a part of my family. I have spent more time with them, then with any other group of people in VA. I'm truly going to miss them. They were the biggest reason why it took me so long to decide if I wanted to move back to CA or stay in VA, although ultimately being closer to my nieces won out.  Everyone keeps telling me "you can find another improv group in CA". Of course, I know this to be true. I'm sure there are hundreds of them, but it's not so much the improv that I'll miss, but the people in the group. I've truly grown to love and care about each and every one of them. (Kristin, Tim, Rob, Kate (Coady), Annie, Anne, Jen, Alexis, Elisa, James, Chia-Chia, Adam, Brandon, Nate) -- hope I didn't forget anyone.... if I did, sorry, I'm tired... They are such a great group of seriously talented people. I am in awe of them every week and I'm honored to be able to call myself an IMP!

So, I'll be a California resident once again soon. Once I get back, it's back to business... narrowing down my jewelry business and starting a new business, hopefully with my sis-in-law. We've been discussing things for a while, and it looks like we're gonna really, REALLY get it together this time and narrow down exactly what we want to do and stick to it... My goal has always been to work for myself, be able to support myself and have a family business. It looks like it's finally going to happen. Everything is going in the right direction and I'm so excited about what the future holds... until I get back... it's back to packing, UGH! And enjoying the last of my days here in VA...

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Brenda said...

Hi! I'm now following you from the Promotion Team on Etsy. I hope things are going well for you in CA. I live in Oceanside.