Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Do I Craft?

I don't remember when I started making stuff, I just know that I love it. I like thinking of new ideas or learning a new technique, but what I love the most is taking one thing and turning it in to another thing. I think it's the same reason that I love butterflies. They start as one thing, and turn into something completely different and beautiful. 

This is also the way my life has been. I'm always trying to reinvent myself, to become a better person. My hairstyle is always changing, my clothes change, my tastes change. That's the way I have always lived my life. Lately, I've been doing decoupage, using plain wooden bracelets, and covering them with designs so that they look completely unrecognizable. From plain to beautiful. I love it. 

Sitting around making stuff, is also a form of relaxation for me. I usually sit on the floor, with the TV on in the background, surrounded by beads, bangles, paper, ribbons or whatever else I'm using. I'm totally at peace and I'm totally in the moment. I find that the more I do it, the more passionate I'm becoming about it. Years ago, I started making jewelry, and doing simple beading, but I didn't love it. I think it comes more from the fact that I was trying to make things that I thought other people would like, rather than making what I love. These days, I don't use as many beads. I like zippers, and leather and metals and chunky bangles. I make what I love. Now, I'm just working on turning my love for creating things into a business. It's a slow process, and I'm sometimes impatient and some days I wonder if I'm just making things that no one but me likes, but then I go to my etsy page, and see that someone favorited one of my items, and I think... it's just a matter of time and I create something else.


Julie M. Staab said...

These are great! :)

blackroqs said...

Thanks! I love your blog!