Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Stuff

This weekend I decided that for the majority of it, I'm just going to sit and make jewelry and do nothing almost nothing else. It's about 1am, and I've made 5 bracelets today. Why does it seem that it take me so long to make a bracelet I feel like the day just flew by and I didn't get as much stuff made as I planned on, but tomorrow is another day and I think I'm going to make something different tomorrow. I have so many ideas in my head, but it's all about time and money, which I seem to be lacking both.

I just got my scrabble tiles and some pendant blanks, so I'm going to make rings and necklaces tomorrow. I'm almost at my goal of having 50 items listed, although I did want to have them listed by June 1st. Aaaah well, life sometimes gets in the way.

I just love etsy. I get such inspiration from other artists. Sometimes I'll see something and an idea will pop into my head. There are so many talented people on there.

I seem to have this fascination with zippers now. I'm making ziper cuffs, zipper earrings, zipper rings... zippers, zippers, zippers. I really love the black and metal ones, rather than the colored ones that I got. It makes everything look a little edgier.

I tend to lean more towards the edgier stuff, or odd looking stuff, rather than the pretty little things.

Tomorrow is Sunday, so another day of making jewelry. I don't plan on leaving the house for anything. I'm on a mission.


Unusual Girl Studios said...

Very cool zipper ring. Love it! Hey- when you leave your address on a comment if you type the http:// it will become a link. Easier for people to find and follow you! I just came over from linked in- happy to follow you! Feel free to stop by any time at my blog-

blackroqs said...

Thanks. I just checked out your blog and am now a follower. LOVE IT! I Love that first picture of the girl with the cupcake pasties... I'm kinda new to this blogging all the time... I'll get the hang of it!